History of the MoneyDiary ®
The vision.
In the early 1980's a businessman turned his books in to his accountant who smiled wryly upon receiving a pocket calendar with hand drawn columns with bookkeeping entries. Little did the accountant know that the businessman had begun formulating a concept in his mind. In his defense, the businessman stated "I will have that on a computer you can hold in your hand someday". The accountant laughed in good nature. The businessman showed the accountant that computer and bookkeeping entries in 1987. That was the beginning of the MoneyDiary. It was first developed on a Tandy PC-6 handheld computer written in Basic. To the businessman's surprise, it was presented and commented upon on the front page of the Sacramento Bee Business section. Unfortunately, the public only saw a pricey calculator and only a few recognized a computer could come in such a small size.

At about the time of the original MoneyDiary debut, Popular Science magazine published a story on a new hand held computer called the Psion Organiser. The Psion computer introduced a serial interface cable to exchange data with a desktop computer. MoneyDiary II was subsequently transported to Organiser Programming Language (OPL) for the Psion XP Organiser. New features added to MoneyDiary II included the integration of the serial interface for backing up MoneyDiary user data and generating reports directly to serial printers.

Y2k was coming, the year 2000 approaching. Time passed and there were many other hand held computer efforts by computer manufacturers. Then came the Palm. This hand held computer made a tremendous break through in public acceptance. MoneyDiary III was made available for Palm compatible computers using version 3.0 or greater. The Palm's versatility with the stand alone functionality of the MoneyDiary suggest "Do I really need a desktop?". For diehard Palm users: Click here for a free trial version of MoneyDiary® 3.0

Wow! The year 2010. Who doesn't have a personal digital assistant (PDA) and or cell phone? Who doesn't have or want this incredible little breakthrough in new mass consumer acceptance called the iPhone®? Year 2011, the MoneyDiary® makes front page news in the Sacramento Bee!

MoneyDiary® for the iPhone® and iPad®, now available at your favorite online iPhone® store. Click here to buy MoneyDiary® for the iPhone® and iPad® now!

The MoneyDiary® is the result of a concept to make financial record keeping simple, convenient, confidential and rewarding. Affordable technology is utilized to maximize efficiency and portability.